Lessons from our liberation struggle: a tribute to Hidipo Hamutenya


The passing of Namibian hero and icon of the liberation struggle Comrade Hidipo Hamutenya caused me to reflect deeply on the generational obligation to serve with conviction and unity.

The struggle for justice, freedom and independence started with our forefathers in the 20th century and has since been passed on from generation to generation. It was the youthful generation of that hour, led by Founding Father of the Nation Cde Sam Nujoma, which united us in one cause to secure the political destiny of the Namibian nation at all costs.

This included the league of extraordinary comrades, such as President Hage Geingob, former president Pohamba, Cde Toivo ya Toivo, Cde Libertine Amadhila, late Cde Mose Tjitendero, and many other outstanding Swapo stalwarts.

The departure of Comrade HH, an instrumental liberator and pioneer of our democracy, compels me to reflect and draw lessons from the character, principles and work ethic of the icons of the liberation struggle.

Theirs was an era that demanded and produced men and women of grit and valour. Intellectuals and combatants, they were dubbed terrorists because of their relentless pursuit for freedom and self-determination. Our liberty is a result of joint efforts and successes, of common dangers and sacrifices endured.

As a young Namibian today, I reflect on the preparedness of my generation and emerging crop of leaders to rise above differences and receive the baton and mantle to continue to build upon these good works. Young Namibians, we have a generational obligation.

Our love of liberty ought to unite us behind the common front: to attain the high purpose of economic freedom and the noble end of a prosperous life for all Namibians.

There are many lessons from the life and legacy of late Cde HH. The greatest, in the context of the strong, inclusive and united Namibian House that we are building, is that ‘disagreement is not synonymous to division’.

Young Namibia, let us debate ideas fiercely in this House and harness our thoughts into action through the platforms and structures provided for, so that we can emerge triumphant in our quest for sustained tranquility and attain prosperity for all. The senior leadership has set a good example that we can rise above disagreement to uphold our lofty ideals. In the words of Abraham Lincoln “From these honoured dead we take increased devotion to that cause.”

Fellow Youth, we have and need each other to build Namibia, both today and tomorrow. Through this reflective tribute, I honour the life, impact and legacy of a lifetime commitment to service.
Thank you and God rest thee, Sir.

Daisry Mathias,


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