VIDEO: Teachers on strike in Outapi



  1. you are doing a great job teachers. the fact that you are the source of knowledge, your demands should be met. DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. please the government must give the 8 percent to teachers. they deserve it. the strike is affecting our brothers and sisters who were suppose to write the exam negatively.

  3. Money is the root of evil, We still don’t know either striking is good or bad, teachers are on strike & their childrens are affected….what are the development we expect for vision 2030,..if things are already startng in this way..The high class, middle class including all proffessional workers are living better life comparing to the lower class, so let the teachers demands for what they see can help to change their struggling…i salute!…

  4. Don’t under estimate the power of the Union.the right to strike is clear and Democracy shouldn’t only be in our mouth but practical.United we stand,Divided we fell.

  5. Teachers should calm down for their children’s benefits,it’s not good for the couples have an urgument and at the same time children in the house are not given food or other services just due to the couples disagreement..government and teachers one should go down for the while .pls


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