Gam farmer wins N$1 million from MTC



A 54-year-old farmer from Gam area, Kaavera Karaerua, who won N$1 million in a MTC competition, is yet to decide what to do with his winnings.

Karaerua participated in the MTC ‘wanna be a million-yeah’ SMS competition, which ran for three months from June 6 to October 6.

According to Karaerua he SMSed daily and only skipped one day.
“I still haven’t decided what to do with the money. I will go sit, think and come up with a plan on how to use the money,” said Karaerua who SMSed more than 360 times.

He added that in general money is useful because it can buy him food.
Karaerua, a father of six, is a cattle farmer at Gam, Otjozondjupa Region. He said he would perhaps invest his money in buying more cattle.

He further said that when he received a call from MTC on Saturday morning his spirit told him he was the winner. “The family feels good. I will receive calls from as far as Canada.”

“Here is one,” he said, pointing to one SMS from his nephew Raunguravi Muatjitjieja.
MTC chief human capital and corporate affairs officer Tim Ekandjo said they cannot describe the love they have for their customers in no other manner than through what they had set out to achieve with the competition.

“Our philosophy has always been that our greatness did not come by itself, but through the loyal support of our customers,” said Ekandjo


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