OvaMbanderu to elect new traditional councilor


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The OvaMbanderu Traditional Authority (OTA) has announced it will commence with the election of new traditional councilor after the current leadership has ended its five-year tenure.

Gerson Katjirua, the acting chief of the OTA, announced this after a Supreme council meeting at Omimbondevitano at Omaue-jozonjanda in the Epukiro Constituency of Omaheke Region over the past weekend.

OTA spokesperson Uazenga Ngahahe said all the OvaMbanderu traditional councilor’s terms of office have already come to an end and soon a committee will be established and despatched to all areas of OvaMbanderu traditional authority jurisdiction to consult the local communities as to who should represent them on the traditional council.

Also, he said the OTA would draft a letter to the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development asking to put on hold all allowances of the current leadership.

Government currently provides allowances of N$1 800 to each of six senior OTA councilors and around N$1 600 to six ordinary counselors of the OTA

Ngahahe said on December 10 a meeting will be held at Omimbondevitano to announce the new leadership.
He further said other issues deliberated on at the recent meeting include the role of the OTA in the attainment of the Harambee Prosperity Plan, Vision 2030 and the Fifth National Development Plan.

Meanwhile, the OvaMbanderu community is mourning the death of senior traditional councilor Benjamin Murangi, who died last Tuesday, aged 74. He will be buried at his home village at Otjozondjima in the Epukiro Constituency of Omaheke Region on Sunday.

Murangi’s death has been described as a big loss to the residents of Omaheke Region and the OTA. Family members described him as a committed farmer, uncle, father, grandfather and a devoted man of God.

Speaking to NBC Otjiherero services last week, acting chief Katjirua described the late Murangi as someone who strived for development in his area and who performed his duties with distinction.

“In Murangi we had a great leader, who had a good working relationship with everyone. He was very humble and listened to his seniors,” Katjirua said.


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