Cop arrested over jailbreak

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The police constable accused of aiding four trial-awaiting inmates to escape from custody last Tuesday has been remanded in custody.

Preciousman Omukulili Pohamba, 31, faces multiple counts of contravening section 46 of the Anti-Corruption Act of 2003. He further faces charges of assisting prisoners to escape from custody and defeating or attempting to defeat the course of justice.

The suspect appeared in Outapi Magistrate’s Court on Friday and his case has been remanded to December 21 for further investigations.

Police sources confiremd that Pohamba has since been transferred to Oluno Prison in Ondangwa.
Omusati police spokesperson Warrant Officer Lineekela Shikongo said he could not dwell on whether the suspect was employed from the ranks of the jobless “struggle kids”, as alleged. Shikongo said he could equally not provide any information on how the suspect assisted the four trial-awaiting inmates.

“What we know is that the suspect assisted the four inmates to escape,” Shikongo said briefly.
Three of the four suspects have already been re-arrested and have made their first appearance in court in connection with the case. A fourth escapee is still on the run.

Andreas Panduleni Thomas, 24, charged with housebreaking and robbery, and 18-year-old Joseph Shikalepo, charged with housebreaking were arrested the same day they escaped.

The two appeared in Outapi Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday and were each sentenced to 18 months in prison with no option of a fine.

The third suspect, 23-year-old Pandeinge Angula Oscar, who is charged with housebreaking was also re-arrested and appeared in Outapi Magistrate’s Court on Friday. His case was remanded to December 22 after he pleaded innocent.

The 21-year-old Shadipeni Immanuel Nghilifa, who is charged with housebreaking and theft of a motor vehicle, is still on the run.

Police sources told New Era last week that Pohamba was allegedly paid N$300 to assist the suspects to escape from custody. It is alleged that he first smuggled a cellphone into the police holding cells, which was then used to make vital calls that enabled the jailbreak to succeed.

It is further alleged Pohamba also smuggled into the holding cells three small saws hidden inside a bottle of bottle of body lotion, which were apparently used to cut the roofing or bars of the cell, through which the detainees then escaped.


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