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Ella Du Plessis High School is hoping that more motivational speakers would visit the school.
The learners expressed this desire at a motivational speaking event organised last Thursday by the Anglican Students’ Federation (ASF) in Namibia for Grade 11 learners. They were motivated to take their education seriously and to be eager to succeed in their careers.

The speakers also discussed the importance for new university entrants of joining various relevant societies on campus and also provided some relevant career guidance and information on courses offered at various institutions.
Learner Page Gaeseb said the event was enlightening and well worth attending. “The information they presented to us is very useful. Now I know there are societies that can build us and help us with our schoolwork and when I go to university I know what is waiting for me there.”

Gaeseb adds that it would really make a difference if more motivational speakers visit schools. “If one speaker visits once we tend to forget by the end of the week, but if more speakers visit often it might help one or two learners,” he remarked.

Jeninsia Uiras said the motivator helped her realise it is better to join a society at varsity than to be a total loner. “It helps you develop your confidence, build faith, develop yourself as a person and learn to socialise with others,” she points out.

Uiras adds that motivational speakers might not touch all learners with their speeches, but it really helps the few that they do manage to get through to. “If we have more people coming to us it will really help us realise that joining a society [on campus] really helps.

“Most of the learners at our school don’t listen to their teachers. I think them knowing about such societies will help them plan for university. I will know which society to join and what benefit I will get from it all, because of the ASF members that visited us,” Uiras beamed with excitement.

Christoph Hedimbi, a member of ASF, said part of their mission is to give back to learners by motivating them to study hard and excel in their schoolwork so as to attain a higher level of learning.

“Our hope is that all Namibian learners are inspired to take their education seriously and are eager to succeed in their careers so as to be of good service to their country. We also give career guidance and information on courses offered at our respective institutions,” he noted.

“ASF in Namibia is a group of young Christian students in institutions of higher learning whose aims are to serve the needs of students and community, to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as to develop mature Christian leaders for leadership in church and community,” Hedimbi explained.

ASF has branches at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST), the International University of Management (IUM), the University of Namibia (UNAM) and the Paulinum Seminary.


  1. Opportunities as such, to speak to our young scholars of high schools – gives us(ASF) courage, confidence and hope to share & instill helpful advises to our high schools’ scholars that will leads to meaningful future choices life can offer to individuals scholars specifically in academic life. We thank God for the assignment task carried out. Thanks to Ella Du Plessis high School’s management & staffs!


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