Another ‘struggle kid’ killed by car

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`Last Saturday evening yet another member of the group of children born during the liberation struggle, who are camping at Ndilimani cultural troupe farm, was struck and killed by a vehicle.
The latest victim is 34-year-old Itope Johannes.

Group leader Jerry Hamukwaya called on government “to do something or they will all die, as there is no way they can’t cross the road”.

Johannes had joined fellow members at the farm in June this year after walking from Oshakati to Windhoek to seek employment from the government.

According to Nampol Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi, the incident was a hit-and-run by an unidentified driver travelling from Okahandja to Windhoek.

Group leader Hamukwaya told New Era that Johannes was walking in the road under construction while coming from Mix settlement, where he went to buy fish and toilet paper.

Hamukwaya explained that stones are placed in the road, which indicate the road is under construction.
“He (Johannes) was walking behind two colleagues when bumped and the driver fled the scene in his car. The driver nearly bumped the two in front but they ran out of the way. We think the car is from Mix settlement,” said Hamukwaya

Hamukwaya further urged the government that instead of providing money for training, of which some of the group have already undergone, they must add to the money and create jobs for them.

In May this year ‘struggle kid’ Halwoodi Petrus, 36, who was crossing the B1 road was hit and killed by a truck. He was also coming from Mix settlement en route to their camp.

In September, another fellow member Thomas Kondjeni, 31, while crossing the road was struck by a Volkswagen Jetta, which was heading to the coast.

Nampol earlier reported that after the accident a commotion erupted and the struggle kids assaulted the driver and randomly threw stones. The driver, in fear of his life, fled the scene and later reported himself to the police. The driver was arrested and it was detected that he was operating the vehicle without a valid driver’s licence.


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