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Katima Mulilo

The chief executive officer of Bukalo Village Council, Martin Limbo, who was suspended from his duties on Friday says his suspension is unfair, as it was not done procedurally.

Limbo received a suspension letter from the council on Friday ordering him to vacate his office, as the council on the ground that he is guilty of misconduct, which warrants a suspension.

“The Bukalo Village Council has reason to believe that you have committed misconduct, offences, and or failed to maintain the required standards from you, as the chief executive officer, and have therefore resolved to suspend you in order to pave way for unhindered investigations,’ read Friday’s suspension letter.

The letter further says Limbo is suspended on full salary and that he is not allowed to set a foot on council premises or to communicate with any council staff members. He was also advised not to leave town without the prior authorisation of the council.

“Your services have not been terminated and you should remain within the area of the Zambezi Region where you can be reached during office hours. You shall only leave the Zambezi Region on written authorisation by Bukalo Village Council,” the letter further stipulates.

Limbo feels his suspension is unfair though. He says: “There is no council resolution” to that effect and “there were no invitations sent to the council seventy-two hours prior, as according to the council act. Also, [there was] no agenda and all councillors did not sign the suspension [letter], because when you suspend your CEO all of you should have an agreement. But this is all Siyauya’s doing,” Limbo claimed.

Some observers privy to inside information on the suspension of Limbo claim it was imminent, as he had apparently fallen out of favour with leading members of council. The problem reportedly surfaced after Limbo posted remarks on social media a few months ago that were widely regarded as tribally motivated incitement.

The latest acrimony arose after Limbo last week reportedly resolved to host a gala dinner to raise funds for a trade fair earmarked for next year, but without any council resolution to that effect.

Contacted for comment, chairperson of Bukalo Village Council Charles Siyauya would not be drawn into discussing the reasons for Limbo’s suspension.

He, however, confirmed the suspension and said a media briefing would be called this week to confirm the suspension of the village CEO and the reasons therefor.


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