Robbers raid 57 Windhoek houses in one week

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The Windhoek City Police say housebreaking is on the increase in Windhoek after a total of 57 houses were broken into in a one-week period of between September 26 and October 2.

According to information provided by City Police superintendent for community and public relations Hileni Wilhelm, one of the break-ins occurred at Olympia on October 2 at 02h50, while the owner was in South Africa. The suspects broke the aluminum door to gain entry to the house and stole a 9mm pistol and two flat-screen TVs.

Another break-in occurred in Delta Street, Khomasdal, where burglars broke the outside gate’s padlock to gain entry to the premises. They stole three cellphones and one LG flat-screen TV.

In another incident a homeowner returned from Germany last week only to find his house had been broken into and a lot of things stolen.

“After thorough investigation we found that most of the houses which were broken into during this period are properties which were left unattended and their owners had travelled,” said Wilhelm.

She said the City Police are concerned about the regularity at which break-ins are committed in Windhoek and thus urged homeowners to leave someone at home when travelling for an extended period.

She also advised homeowners to call the City Police to request and arrange for regular patrols at the premises for the time they are not around.

“Furthermore we would strongly advise community members to consider forming neighbourhood watch programmes. This will make it easier to alert each other and the police on all suspicious activities in the area,” said Wilhelm, while cautioning owners to never leave their homes or garage doors open if they are not able to keep an eye on the premises.


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