Boost for Lüderitz community library

Thankful… Librarian Beverley Van Wyk shaking hand with Debmarine Namdeb Foundation executive manager Janita Von Wiellingh in centre, from far left Lüderitz Town Council CEO Aunie Gideon, Namib Circuit Inspector Casius Shanyengange, Lüderitz Deputy Mayor Brigitte Frederick, far right !Nami#nus Constituency Councilor Jan Scholtz and Southern Star cluster Bendos Garoeb, during the handing over of ICT equipment to Lüderitz public library.


!Nami#Nus Constituency Councillor Jan Scholtz says the residents of Lüderitz, particularly the youth and young children, are once again the beneficiaries of tools of empowerment and education. Scholtz recently made the remarks during the handover of 10 computers and one colour printer, valued at N$120 000, donated by Debmarine Namdeb Foundation to Lüderitz public library.

He said the donation came at the right time, as the country celebrated the Day of the Namibian Child and that the new equipment for use by the public would enhance the quality of education, while allowing the youth greater access to updated information.

He further said promoting education is something he holds dear to his heart and, as such, he commended Debmarine Namdeb Foundation for its ongoing support.

He also thanked the curators and administrators of the library for making it a worthy recipient of such goodwill. Scholtz called on students, youth and the general public to utilise the facilities to educate themselves in all their relevant fields and disciplines, as this will help reduce poverty in the community. He warned the public against damaging the donated equipment, or misusing it for nefarious purposes.

Debmarine Namdeb Foundation executive manager Janita Von Wielligh said the Foundation is trying to donate what it can with the little it has.

She encouraged the youth to use the equipment productively. The colour printer can also be used by learners who need to print in colour when doing their school projects.

She said the last time she visited Lüderitz public library she noted that it needed more books and therefore she promised to bring more books, as they are already collecting second-hand books for the library.

Librarian Beverley Van Wyk thanked Debmarine Namdeb Foundation for donating the equipment to the public library and said the library previously only had 10 computers that they received from the Ministry of Education in 2010. With the donation of Debmarine Namdeb Foundation the library now boasts 20 computers.

Van Wyk said there has been a steady increase in visitors to the library, as people can now enjoy the benefit of free internet. She also provides free computer training and the participants receive an attendance certificate at the end of their training.


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