Bukalo CEO and chairperson at loggerheads over hosting of dinner

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Katima Mulilo

The chief executive officer of the Bukalo Village Council, Martin Limbo, and its chairperson Charles Siyauya, have differences of opinion on the implementation programme of the council, located over 40 km east of Katima Mulilo.

New Era understands the two do not agree on how some of the activities of the village council should be run.
The latest squabble started when Limbo initiated the annual trade fair fundraising gala dinner to be hosted by the village council on November 18.

However, in a sour turn of events some of the council members, particularly the councillors led by Siyauya, have distanced themselves from the proposed gala dinner, calling it ‘illegal’.

“Council has taken note and now advise the public to ignore recent illegal social media postings, invitations and adverts in the name of BVC. At no point in time did the council resolve to host the event in 2016 or appoint a proxy,” read a one-page statement issued by the village council.

Contacted for comment Siyauya declined to elaborate on how its own CEO could be planning to implement activities without his knowledge.

As stated in the brief statement he issued that all questions on the issue should be addressed to the council CEO, Siyauya stood his ground that council will not comment further on the matter and that all questions should be addressed to Limbo.

Contacted for comment, Limbo accused Siyauya of trying to interfere with the administration of the village council.
Limbo further stated that the issue of hosting a gala dinner was his initiative and he had approached the council for information, not for their resolution, to host a gala dinner to raise funds for the trade fair earmarked for next year.He said council had resolved that they should enlist the services of an event organiser, because council does not have the capacity to run such an event, which he did. He adds that the organiser he got wanted 70 percent of the money raised.

However, council resolved that it should be 50 percent and if the organiser agreed then the gala dinner could proceed. The organiser agreed on the terms and a go-ahead was given to Limbo by council to proceed.
According to Limbo he is now surprised that Siyauya is calling the gala dinner illegal and that it should be nullified.

“The council was constantly informed and there was no resolution which was passed for Siyauya to nullify the gala dinner – the decision to write to media houses was his own personal decision, but there is a resolution for us to proceed with a gala dinner,” stressed Limbo.

Limbo further alleges Siyauya has personal issues with the event organiser as the two had a personal problem years back, and up until today they don’t see eye to eye. These sentiments were shared by the event organiser Sylvester Simubali of Intwiza Investments.

“Why is he coming out now, when we have been organising this event for the past two months. All the councillors of the village were in support of the initiative, and have been present in all the meetings, except Siyauya. I think he is now influencing them,’’ said Simubali.

Both Limbo and Simubali stressed that everything is in full swing and the gala dinner will proceed with or without the approval of Siyauya.


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