Ndeitunga detained at Frankfurt airport



The Inspector General of the Namibian police and Interpol’s vice-president for Africa, Lieutenant-General Sebastian Ndeitunga, was yesterday morning accosted by German immigration officials, along with six other Namibians at Frankfurt airport.

All black passengers were called aside for thorough inspection and questioning upon disembarking from an Air Namibia flight, while white passengers were not subjected to the same treatment, claimed the Namibian police chief.

Ndeitunga, who is a candidate for the Interpol presidency post, is a diplomatic passport holder and fumed as he narrated the “humiliating” ordeal to New Era yesterday.

At the time he was being subjected to aggressive questioning by German border control officers, he was in fact on his way to Interpol headquarters in Lyon, France as the international crime body is preparing for its elective general assembly scheduled for next month.

“We were about seven Namibians going in transit to various destinations. We are going to Lyon and all of us were stopped. White people were left to go [without being subjected to the same treatment and interrogation].

“I was deeply humiliated by the German police at the airport,” Ndeitunga said by phone from Frankfurt.
“I was interrogated like a suspected refugee. All black people who disembarked from the Air Namibia aircraft were stopped and subjected to strange questions. I tried to explain who I am, but all in vain. Even the diplomatic passport was not helpful.”

A furious Ndeitunga said he resents being treated like an unwanted refugee.
When New Era contacted him at around 14h00 local time yesterday, Ndeitunga had already been released by customs and immigration officials at Frankfurt airport and was on his way to France.

In a prelude to the current diplomatic fiasco, in 2010 then youth, sport and culture minister Kazenambo Kazenambo was also detained at Germany’s Munich airport for several hours for reportedly travelling with a fake passport.
It took diplomatic intervention from both countries to secure Kazenambo’s release from his detainers.

Also a diplomatic passport holder Kazenambo missed his connecting flight home on his way back from a world youth conference in Mexico at the time due to the temporary detention by German border control officials.

Several attempts to get clarity from Frankfurt Airport did not yield any results yesterday, while efforts to get a response from Germany’s ambassador to Namibia, Christian Matthias Schlaga, produced no fruits.


  1. I am so happy it happened to the diplomat, at least they can experience what we as ordinary native Namibians go through in those airports,not only there! even at HKIA, Nampol will be there watching us humiliated by our customs officials who single us out on arrival to run through our luggage,apparently we are the ones who could be hiding drugs or who has to declare what we brought into the country so pay tax.They threaten throwing you into jail for questioning why whites are not subjected to the same ordeal! welcome to world where Africans never earned respect,regardless of whom you are and it happens because our leaders allows for it to.

  2. This is not new. All black Namibians are treated like such and yet we welcome all Germans coming to our country with open arms. This is totally un-called for and a slap in the face towards our bilateral relationship. On the other hand we need to have an Visa to enter Germany or a transit visa when connecting from Frankfurt, yet they need nothing to enter our country. Our Foreign Relations Ministry should really look into this and act swiftly.

  3. Thanks the high officials to be embarrassed like that I completely agrees with the others. Next on the list must be Minister of Education so that she start to feel the wrath of the poor teachers.


  4. Even though I’m white, I’ve been profiled and scrutinised because of my place of residence as recorded in my passport – I can only imagine what black Namibians (and even German citizens who happen to be black) have to go through. It’s shameful that anyone should be subjected to racial profiling, and it’s particularly shameful that a senior law enforcement officer (and Interpol official to boot) should be subjected to this! The Namibian government should urge the German government to investigate this matter urgently!

    • thank you Mr. Kavandje, it seems that the relationship between Namibia and Germany is fruitless despite several efforts to sign bilateral agreements in the quest to tighten their bond together. it is a shame that the inspector general of the Namibian police deserve such kind of a treatment in that country despite having surrendered his passport. something should be done between the two countries, so that the same humiliation should not happen again in future.

  5. Stiff control doesn’t mean humiliation and according to IGP the methods used by Germany border Guard it containing discrimination and racial. to be honest black Namibian are all wise victims of being used smuggling unwanted subsistence in Namibia which is very bad and if you look at the statistics of people arrested in Namibia over drugs smugly mostly 75% are originally black Namibian women so it was good for Namibian Border Police and Immigration Official to execute their duty in such manner for us to be on safe side. Germany’s they did wrong by holding such a dignitary with clear document in hands If they are having motive behind in comparison to the skulls we never told them to atrocities against the Namibian forefathers/Nation !

  6. Be calm citizens. Do not understimate the most valuable donor (German) to our country projects. Well a slight tightness from border guarders help a lot. In a world full of ISIs, Bokharm, Al quaeda etc.we need to be inspected here and there. We should just try that tight security also here. Thn a peacefull Namibian nation will rejoice.

  7. i am supper happy that it happened, the Namibian police treat their follow Namibians the same way that especially if from a different tribe or different town..what did you expect from the Germans! But when we tend to report the case they ignore or docket are lost.
    On the sides of the Germans, the Namibian government treats them like their god when they arrive in our land. Those are the Germans that treated other follow Namibians in their own land like S…, WELL COME TO GERMANS ATTITUDES!!

  8. As along as white use black tyres to a white car the black people will be detained at white people’s country and white will free move in our country and blacks interrogates other blacks and leave white to go free, Namibia pull up your socks.

  9. This is true, for how long should black be humiliated? We surffered in the past and made a plan to fight for equality but yet i dont see anything of that kind….. I think the treatment they give us should also be given to them and….. The ministry responsible for this should look into the matter which happened to the Inspector General of Nampol and take it into consideration. Thank you!

  10. Black people we are too kind.be careful our comrades,.even here in Namibia a black security guard never charge a white man who are going out of the shop,but only black why? Mr Deitunga that was not a surprise to you is just simple example of the culture you left home.

  11. I concur with Eli that that is exactly the same treatment that we Namibians receive at HKIA upon arriving back home from overseas travels…this will happen to only us blacks no matter what type of passport you carry. I went trough that while carrying my official passport. Why wouldnt we be treated like dogs in Germany if we are treated the same on the homeground by fellow brothers.

  12. Those attitudes should be condemned and german must apologise to all Namibians at this point. On top of that it should be ready for the pending reparation now or else our police should be mandated to deal with those Daesh like.
    Concerned Namibian.

  13. Germans again and again! They left scars in Namibia and are happily living in our country owning massive land that majority of Namibians do not have at their hands. Now they do not respect Africans at all….I think they deserve the same treatment when they enter our country….Tit for Tat!!!

  14. Do you know how some people who just want to visit our country are being treated?? Maybe not detained but definitely not the way they should be welcomed. Let’s not just accept, but let’s also be a little critical towards our own services and not just those of others.

  15. That’s why I salute comrade Mugabe because he doesn’t tolerate such trash, whites are all over African countries as citizens by colonisation but yet we have the power to criticise Mugabe. What a shame! I wonder! Robert Gabriel Mugabe is the president of Africa.


  16. I had the same treatment at Frankfurt airport while intransit with our band to Stockholm. German police have that nasty Nazi attitude.

  17. So bad to treaty our leader like a refugee.I just fail to understand why all black passengers were called aside for thorough inspection and questioning upon disembarking from our Air Namibia flight, while white passengers were not subjected to the same treatment. Whom do they think are they…? The Germany Government should seriously examine this very very bad attitude.

  18. Is it not the Namibians that created a reason for concern? We are not the only Africans traveling to Germany. If you behave as you should in another country, you will not have a problem, or cause trouble for your own people coming after you.White Namibians are also treated this way. Have a look at our Airport and Border Posts, and see how Tourists / Visitors and even our own people are treated. Why then expect to be treated better in other countries? It has more to do with our own attitude, than the German attitude.

  19. I think the comment of Elli is uncalled for because the two issues are unrelated. I am also a traveler but have never been mistreated at Hosea Kutako other than being asked to declare or put my luggage through the normal scan process, which is quite acceptable given the state of terrorist activities. I condemn the German immigration officers racist if not fascist behavior for their blatant selectivity. I think Namibian state must review their bilateral agreements to include harassment to German visitors so that they know and report back to their base what it is like being treated the way their immigration officers treat others. Soon it will be something of the past. Because this is nothing more than the mentality of superiority and not necessarily a matter of security!! Why the bilateral agreement? Because German government knows all well what is happening at their airports and they also know that the same will not happen with their citizens in Namibia because they will act fast in support of their citizens, why not do the same??????


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