Star of the week: Unnamed customer

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Our hero of the week is an unnamed customer at the popular grocery shop at Ongwediva, the Daily Market, whose selflessness and heroics prevented a gang of four suspects from robbing the shop.

During the short-lived robbery attempt a gang of apparently well-known criminals stormed the Daily Market, where they roughened up petrified shop attendants and assaulted the shop’s owner, before proceeding to empty all the tills of an unspecified but yet substantial amount of money.

It is alleged the gang showed up at the Daily Market just shortly after the owner opened for business and they apparently ordered all employees and the manager to lie down on the floor.

However, the heroics of a customer who chanced on the scene threw their bad intentions askew and prompt action by the police led to their arrest, following a car chase that involved the police and community members. Very few would put their lives on the line to prevent crime


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