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Namibia has seen an insane increase in international superstars grazing our shores in recent years. Some of these superstars include Trey Songz, Davido, P-Square etc. There are two factors at play here. The events organisers’ prerogatives and the Industry prerogatives.

The events organisers has one thing on their mind, make a turnover! That’s it! No long stories! Events organisers will work tirelessly to make sure that they make enough money to at least break even. If they do not break even, than that was a bad show for them regardless of how full or how much socially activity the show created.

On the other hand, you have the industry frowning at the events organisers prerogatives to break even. The industry wants these international acts to add value to the industry. What value does the industry gain from an international act that flies in an hour before the event and flies out the minute they are done with their set?

The industry wants these superstars to initiate collaborations with their Namibian counterparts. The industry wants trade agreements that might create jobs such as distribution deals, etc. As an expert, I am stuck between Uno Boy’s Kwaito songs and Female Donkeys dance moves (Get it? Don’t worry, you will get it later).

I understand the events organisers prerogatives. However, I also understand the industry’s prerogatives. The industry needs to create a platform for dialogue with events organisers. It almost does not seem right to have these superstars just arrive, perform and leave without really engaging their Namibian counterparts for future business.

But then again why must the responsibility rest squarely on the events organisers to spark ventures between these international acts and their Namibian counterparts?

A dialogue needs to ensue. It needs to happen now. Namibia is slowly becoming a hotspot for international acts, and until such time that we have a policy, framework of some sort guiding us, we will continue having two separate camps in the name of events organisers in one corner, and the industry in the other.

Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM
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