Pohamba calls for unity and peace

Fatherly advice… Former president Hifikepunye Pohamba greets residents of Oshikuku.


Former president Hifikepunye Pohamba has made an impasioned appeal to Namibians to join hands and pull together to make Namibia a better and prosperous place. Pohamba says if there is peace and prosperity Namibia would be able to realise Vision 2030.

He said this during a belated Heroes’ Day commemoration at Oshikuku last Saturday afternoon, adding that more work needs to be done to develop the country. “As patriots, Namibians from all walks of life can make a contribution in the ongoing efforts to combat poverty and to ensure that the national development objectives are achieved,” he said.

“Parents, community leaders and our people, must roll up our sleeves and work hard in all that they do,” he said. The former head of the state said Namibians should stand united and be stronger than before to face the challenges of drought, poverty and must pull together in one direction.

“We must, therefore, support our government leaders to overcome the current challenges through unity. Our people are stronger when they are united. We defeated colonialism, because we were united,” he said, adding that all Namibians should reject the vices of tribalism, gender-based violence and criminality.

“We must condemn in the strongest term male citizens who commit serious offenses, such as raping their own daughters and killing innocent women,” he said. He noted that the scourge of corruption has eaten deeper into society, therefore it must be rooted out mercilessly.

Pohamba said a corrupt society could easily be bought and destroyed: “Let us continue to cherish the peace and stability that we enjoy. Peace and stability are the preconditions for development and progress in our country.”


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