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Query: Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration, do something about the citizenship department, please. There is a delay in printing our documents. Our children don’t have birth certificates because of the delay in providing citizenship documents.

Response: The Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration has committed itself to fulfilling its goal that every Namibian should be able to obtain national documents in a simpler, faster and convenient manner and it is our wish that nobody should be left out. To be specific, citizenship (by descent) certificates are issued to children born outside Namibia from one or both parents, who are Namibian at the time of the child’s birth. However, persons falling under this category must apply for a birth certificate in the country where the child was born. The process of acquiring citizenship takes 30 or more working days, depending on the merit of the application, be it the citizenship by marriage, naturalisation, registration or descent. Additionally, the verification process is not only done within the ministry, but also involves external stakeholders. However, should there be any additional enquiries, the ministry is humbly inviting the public to visit its nearest offices for additional information and services they may

Query: Where can one report crimes related to Ministry of Home Affairs? I know about an NGO that gives jobs to international students, but brings them into the country on a tourist visa while they are in fact working. That’s cheating the system. They have been doing it for over 10 years now.

Response: The Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration understands that fraud and corruption affects us all, it is our common enemy. The ministry, therefore, encourages members of the public to report such practices to its public relations officers at the following numbers: 061- 2922169, 0811253674, or 061-2922068, 0811425849.

The public can call directly to the Immigration Control and Citizenship Department for investigations to be carried at: 061-2922023, 061-2922009, 061-2922020, 061-2922013.

Concerned citizens can write to us and rest assured that we will protect their identity. Because corruption is a crime, the obvious place to report it is to the Anti-Corruption Commission, or the police. The ministry highly values the protection of disclosures and will not expose the whistleblowers. The protection of whistleblowers from retaliation for reporting in good faith any suspected acts of corruption and other wrongdoing is integral to the ministry’s efforts to combat crime.

Sakeus Kadhikwa, public relations officer in the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration, E-mail:


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