Two men shot during fight

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A Windhoek City Police officer shot at two men including one who allegedly tried to stab him with a knife last Friday night in Damara location, Katutura.

One of the gunshot victims was an innocent bystander.
The police officer was called out to attend to an incident where young men were involved in a street fight.
Nampol spokesperson Inspector Slogan Matheus explained that the police officer, while moving backwards to avoid being stabbed, fired a warning shot at one of the men but the man continued moving towards the officer who then shot him in the leg. The bullet exited the leg and struck an onlooker on the left knee.

Both men were admitted to the Katutura State Hospital and are in a stable condition.
Matheus said that when the police officer arrived at the scene he found that the fighting men had already moved into a house.
“Only one young man was in the street and he appeared to be very agitated and restless. Upon sight of the police officer he drew his knife and moved towards the officer to stab him,” narrated the police spokesman.

Matheus said the police opened two cases of attempted murder as a result of the shooting. He said the policeman has not been arrested. The matter will be investigated and the docket sent to the prosecutor-general for a decision.


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