Hundreds of shack dwellers promised erven



Okalongo Settlement in Omusati Region has allocated unserviced land to the Shack Dwellers Federation – enough to house at least 250 households.

According to the settlement’s control administrative officer, Amandus Kondowa, the 250 erven are in addition to 18 plots allocated to members of the federation in May. “We have given the federation virgin land. They will be expected to service their own land and allocate it to their members accordingly,” Kandowa said.

Also, earlier this year at least 348 erven were allocated at the settlement for both residential and business purposes.
In addition to the erven already allocated, the settlement is also in the process of allocating a further 269 plots for residential and business purposes at the settlement.

Kandowa says the settlement has at least 805 plots, but also has some 8 000 applications for land and these are on the increase. Only about 543 plots of all the settlements plots are reserved for residential purposes.

“We don’t have enough plots for residential plots at the settlement. Unfortunately, at the Onandjaba Settlement the demand outweighs the supply of plots currently available,” said Kandowa.

While the settlement has done its part to allocate erven to individuals in need, some people are struggling to keep up with their monthly payments. He said one challenges the settlement faces is related to plot owners who request that their plots be transferred to their relatives’ names, as they cannot afford the monthly instalments.

Kandowa said the settlement office is still awaiting approval for the settlement to be upgraded to a village council.
According to him, the settlement has the potential for business growth, especially now that the road to Omuvelo waKashamane border post has been tarred.

Omuvelo wa Kashamane border post links Namibia and Angola.


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