SisterPads Quiz Night highlights culture

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As part of Heritage Week, the Quiz Night for SisterPads at the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC) tomorrow night focuses on Namibian and international cultural heritage.

SisterPad is a Sister Namibia’s project that aims to address the problem of schoolgirls who miss out on three days of school a month, because they cannot afford menstrual pads, by providing them with free re-usable pads.

The quiz is set to ensure that SisterPad can continue to provide sanitary pads to schoolgirls, primarily in rural areas, along with comprehensive girls’ education.

“When participating in this Quiz Night, you will not only enrich your knowledge, have loads of fun with friends and family, but also contribute to a great cause,” says FNCC communication officer Alexandrine Guinot.

She adds that the SisterPads project further aims to improve girls’ welfare and dignity by focusing on bringing about increased school attendance and subsequent improved performance at school, thus contributing towards the completion of their primary and high school education. “No girl should have to stay home from school because she can’t afford pads,” Guinot believes.

Each team will have a maximum of six people and there will be three rounds of questions, with ten questions each, and a bonus question worth five points.

The entrance fee is N$30 per person. All proceeds from the night will go towards making sure that SisterPads continue to do its good work.


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