Sioka cautions youth against sex at early age



The Namibian youth were this week advised to refrain from sex at an early age, as it “is a sin”, is against the Ten Biblical Commandments and exposes them to the risk of so-called passion killings.

This was said by Minister of Gender Equality and Child Welfare Doreen Sioka when she addressed new graduates and residents of Tsinstabis earlier this week.

She said early sex among the youth often leads to acts of gender-based violence and intimate partner killings, because the youth cannot handle the consequences of their actions.

“I always tell the youth, especially those between the ages of 13 and 18, that they (their age group) consist of the most criminals in society, because when they fall in love they commit suicide, or kill the girl when they are rejected.

“There are churches to learn the Ten Commandments from. The adultery and sex that you are committing puts you in trouble, because you cannot handle it. If you want sex and she says ‘no’, don’t kill her. Women have times when they want it,” Sioka remarked.

In the same vein she cautioned women to stop the tendency of having multiple boyfriends for the sake of money, because it’s not worth it and could cost their lives.

“Women should really stop these practices. I have not seen anyone that has become rich because of prostitution. Therefore, stick to one man,” the gender equality minister advised.

At the same occasion 27 members of the local community graduated through the Ministry of Gender Equality’s income-generating initiative, which aims to alleviate poverty and enhance the earning capacity, as well as create employment for the jobless.

Sioka took the opportunity to also alerted the public to the activities of human traffickers and warned them not to associate with strangers.

In conclusion, she urged the San community to make use of the social grants and to register all vulnerable and destitute children, as the N$250 child grant can make a difference, although the it is in some quarters perceived as wholly inadequate for the needs of a child.


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