Let’s stand up and do good


We often go through life not knowing what to reach for. Some of us go through life judging others, comparing ourselves to others, criticising, cyber bullying, being racist, being tribalist, breaking others down.

Not minding our own businesses, nor staying in our own lanes and not knowing other peoples’ general backgrounds and the type of homesteads they come from.

We, as people, are very different. We’ve got different tastes, interests, dreams and different beliefs and yet we tend to judge one another.

Why can’t we for second just forget about all that and redirect? Why can’t we start and pursue some smart goals?
Let’s try being productive rather than being busy with other people. Let’s stop this thing of being nosey and focus on what we have. Let’s maintain a positive outlook and learn from our mistakes. Let’s fight this insecurity thing. Let’s take time to earn respect, appreciate honesty, gain trust and return loyalty unto the loyal ones.

Let’s give up on hate and put our concentration on better things. Let’s forget about popularity and be ourselves. Let’s help those that can’t help themselves even though they can’t help back. Let’s dare to reach out into the darkness just to pull out someone into the light.

Let’s kill negative attitudes and focus on being positive towards others and even ourselves. Let’s not just stand for ourselves, but stand for others too. Let’s limit the sizes of our friendship circles and surround ourselves with the doers, the believers, the go-getters, the hard workers and the people that drives us to do better.

Life is too short to spend it with the wrong people that have no dreams, or hope of becoming better. No one starts off perfect, but I guarantee you that if you are disciplined, got respect and integrity at heart then you got what it takes to be a better person.

Some of us actually do unnecessary things to gain fame and public attention, Nah! It’s not like that, fame doesn’t pay bills, nor heal wounds and what you say can affect one’s life for a lifetime.

Let’s focus on building ourselves and follow our dreams. Remember to always pray. Prayers make dreams work. Let’s stand up and do good!

Ignatius Valombola
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