Rangeland management on Farm Krumhuk



Farm Krumhuk, situated some 25 kilometres south of Windhoek, was last week one of the farms visited by participants in the the 20th National Rangeland Forum at Heja Lodge.

Until July 2014 the grazing management on Krumhuk was done according to a holistic approach. This is as many animals as possible on the smallest possible area for the shortest possible period giving the longest possible rest period. This could not always be applied due to camp sizes but also due to management short comings. But one of our main goals was to improve soil coverage to improve the soil to give good nutrients to the plants and to prevent erosion which is challenging in this area.

Ulf-Dieter Voigts from Farm Krumhuk says as from July 2014 after long thinking and planning they changed their grazing and herd management to start herding their cow herd. “We wanted to improve the relationship between man and animals through a permanent contact with the animals, improve reproduction and health in the herd, improve the veld and grazing and reduce losses of cattle,” says Voigts. The challenges they faced included human factors: accommodation of herders; training of herders; how to intergrade herders in farm community; family live of herders; how many herders; remuneration of herders overnight kraals and water points and troughs.


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