EasyBond aims to ease home purchases



FNB Namibia launched their Easy-Bond product to the public at an event held in Windhoek on Friday.
The bank says it is a proud frontrunner, as this is a first in the market and an innovative product to ensure inclusion of many more Namibians.

EasyBond is now available to all Namibians who earn an income of up to N$35 000 individually or jointly, who wish to purchase homes of up to N$1.2 million.

In his address CEO of FNB Namibia Sarel van Zyl was pleased to add that the EasyBond product includes life insurance, which means customers will not need to go for medical testing for loans below a certain amount and the life insurance includes a number of other benefits, such as permanent and temporary disability, dread disease and funeral cover.

FNB Namibia also reiterated their commitment to promoting financial literacy and thus this product includes free home ownership training with a certificate of completion.

“You will appreciate the fact that this product has been deliberately designed to house as many Namibians as possible, as easily as possible and supplements the current Harambee Prosperity Plan and the president’s declaration that ‘no one should be left behind’.
“I can assure you that we take every comment and suggestion of all our stakeholders seriously and will do everything we can to satisfy everyone’s financial needs…

“We are determined to be the most comprehensive end-to-end financial solutions provider in our country and when our president says ‘no one must be left behind’, we take this seriously,” he said.

Van Zyl extended an open invitation to all stakeholders, including clients, partners and the more than 2 200 employees to talk to FNB Namibia and share ideas on how the bank can improve and remain a responsible business.


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