Naturalistas, natural hair lovers embrace natural beauty



Natural hair, styling products to treat your naturally, natural hair, you name it all, were all there.
The occasion was the Natural Hair and Beauty Expo celebrated women and men who embrace the various textures of their hair. The variety of products offered was impressive, organic and enticing which explains its success compared to last year. The event featured hair demonstrations as well as expert panels, fun activities for kids, trend-setting products for every one as well as vendor booths showcasing organic hair products, wellness and beauty tips with special musical performances from various local artists.

The expo was in expectation to its theme, to bring together service providers and products in the natural hair and beauty industry as well as share tips and educate on natural hair care. The expo did not only celebrate natural hair and beauty but it also created a platform to encourage entrepreneurship and showcase local products. It addressed issue of black hair by showcasing its beauty and versatility highlighting self- acceptance and care from within.

The basics talk on taking care of one’s hair, and accepting self, was informative as it recognised the need to educate individuals and stylists on how to take care of natural hair. The expo has become a yearly natural hair event bringing together women, and even men, of all ages under one platform to learn, share and interact and with one another, and to also connect with businesses providing natural hair care products and services.

Organiser of the expo, Zoey Gaseb, and partners, outdid themselves by gathering both men and women with different expertise and knowledge to help positively impact the lives of the attendees so that they could learn to accept themselves and also help women exude beliefs and let go off the annoyance associated with crimped hair textures.

The lavishness of the products was overwhelming, boasting an impressive list of vendors whose discounted items related to hair care, skin care, women’s fashions, children’s fashions, jewelry and accessories and healthy foods, just to mention a few. This event was filled with beautiful naturals who were eager to know how to maintain and keep rocking their natural looks.



  1. I wish what i know now that I did not know years ago about the beauty of natural hair. Because as women of color we were conditioned when younger that our hair was ugly and not beautiful unless pressed, relaxed or weaved. That is why I decided to become a natural hair blogger informing and sharing helpful content as others, to embrace our God blessed natural crown. Its beautiful and it is actual not that hard to care, style and maintain once you know how. Your hair is beautiful in the picture.


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