Mine and Edgar on tour in Namibia



Mine and Edgar Wasser are having three concerts in Namibia starting in Swakopmund at the Kulturaula/Namib Primary School next Tuesday at six O’clock (18H00).

Then follows Otjiwarongo at the Otjiwarongo Secondary School next Wednesday the same time and next Friday comes Windhoek at the UN Plaza at seven O’clock (19H00) in the evening. All concerts are free. Mine and Edgar represent German contemporary music and of course the German language. This is why they have been invited to perform at the German Language Day in Otjiwarongo. Mine convinces her audience with discreet songwriting, a finely woven sound tapestry and powerful vocals. Her personal stories encourage her audience to think about themselves. Beyond all genre categories, her strong piano melodies are tuned with experimental omnichord sounds. Added with leading drums, minimal guitar riffs and choir vocals her sound suggests a ghostly epic. Mine’s careful way of making music doesn’t aim at moving great things, but rather aims at a return to our intimate intellectual world – back to ourselves.

Edgar is a rapper who presents his unique kind of humour, which his fans and critics term either as ironic, sarcastic or cynical. Nested sentences and massive skills have brought the rapper hailing from Munich’s underground, to established stages and festivals – without unnecessary gimmicks and crazy marketing strategies. He collaborated with Mine in 2015 to release the song “Alien”. It deals with being different, isolation and xenophobia. Mine and Edgar Wasser will perform

Supporting acts at the concert in Windhoek are local artists K’Chinga and Sally Boss Madam. Hip-Hop artist K’Chinga has gained a wide following in Namibia and Zambia. He is known for his street style and African Hip-Hop sound. Both his music and his beliefs are in line with the Ubuntu feel and modern street life of urban African youth. Working on his first album release, he has already gained popularity with popular songs as “Stay Winning” and “One Kwacha”. The closing act of the night is Namibian bombshell Sally Boss Madam. She has released two successful studio albums and continues to thrill her audience with an electrifying performance. Her Afro fusion sound is inspired by Freshly Ground, Hill Song and Alanis. Her latest song “Natural” has already received over 80.000 clicks on YouTube. For more information visit www.goethe.de/namibia or find us on Facebook: Goethe-Institut-Namibia.


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