Most powerful Jaguar ever now available locally


The New Jaguar F-TYPE SVR is now available in South Africa and can be ordered in Namibia, with an estimated delivery time of four to six months. The price tag for the F-TYPE SVR, which is the fastest and most powerful Jaguar ever to be sold in southern Africa, is now available in South Africa with pricing starting at N$2 286 300 while the Namibian price is expected to be slightly higher at about N$2.3 million.

The first Jaguar to wear the SVR badge made its local debut at the South African Festival of Motoring, at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit in Johannesburg. The F-TYPE SVR has been developed to fully exploit the lightweight aluminium sports car’s full potential while retaining its inherent tractability and day-to-day usability.

More powerful, lighter, and benefiting from an enhanced chassis and driveline and active aerodynamics, the all-wheel drive F-TYPE SVR Coupé delivers supercar performance and unrivalled driver engagement and reward.

“The purity of the F-TYPE’s form is something truly special, but in designing the new F-TYPE SVR we had the opportunity to create something even more dramatic. Every additional form, line or component is there for a reason, and contributes to the car’s increased performance as well as its presence,” said Ian Callum, Director of Design, Jaguar. “Cutting-edge aerodynamics have always been fundamental to Jaguar design, and everything from the enlarged air intakes to the active rear wing is essential to the new F-TYPE SVR’s dramatic looks and 322km/h potential.”

The F-TYPE R is already a benchmark in the sports car segment but this model represented the starting point for development of the F-TYPE SVR. Everything which contributes to performance and vehicle dynamics has been meticulously re-evaluated, re-engineered and optimised still further. Exceptional Straight-line performance was unlocked by raising the output of Jaguar’s supercharged 5.0-litre V8 to 423km and 700Nm, enabling the F-TYPE SVR to accelerate from 0-100km/h in just 3.7 seconds and on to a top speed of 322km/h.

Thanks to the fundamental capability engineered in to the F-TYPE from day one, Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations division had the ideal platform to develop Jaguar’s fastest and most powerful series production road car. Additional SVR engineering developments includes bespoke, uprated rear suspension components to deal with higher lateral forces during cornering. The F-TYPE SVR also receives unique suspension tuning and calibration of its Intelligent Driveline Dynamics All-Wheel Drive system.

Rounding out the package is Jaguar’s Carbon Ceramic Matrix braking system, which saves up to 21kg when specified, while drivers can enjoy the thrilling soundtrack of the SVR’s supercharged V8 thanks to a lightweight titanium and Inconel exhaust system.

“Our objective was to take everything that our customers love about F-TYPE – the performance, the handling, the sound, the design – and take it to a whole new level. This is what the new F-TYPE SVR delivers: it’s a 322km/h all-weather supercar,” said John Edwards, Managing Director, Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations. “With 423kg, less weight, an uprated chassis and bespoke calibrations for the transmission and all-wheel drive system, performance is even more accessible and exploitable. This is a car that SVO has developed for true enthusiasts but it’s one that can be enjoyed every day.”


  1. This article is sad to read, especially as a Namibian automotive enthusiast, due to it having been poorly structured and full of misappropriated details on the car’s specifications. Not to mention, its the same story every week of we, the Namibian motoring community, reading internet-sourced duplicate articles which are so biased and aimed at a South African audience. I know we are a small country but do we not have any car journalists that can provide accurate and news worthy articles to us. Please New Era something before its too late and we switch to Hybrid cars fulltime.


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