Ongwediva reserves millions for road infrastructure

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Ongwediva Town Council plans to tar part of Ehenge Street and to water 80 percent of township streets regularly to minimise the dust rising from the gravel roads.

The council has reserved N$5.5 million of its estimated N$15 million budget in the current financial year for this purpose.
Ehenge Street stretches from the corner of Mweshipandeka Secondary School at the Zola intersection to Select Service Station.

According to Ongwediva Town Council spokesman Jackson Muma, the upgrading of Ehenge Street will be followed by other equally busy roads. He notes that 60 percent of the most crucial roads at the town have already been tarred. “Thusfar, most roads connecting to crucial services, such as schools, hospitals, institutions, industrial areas and offices, are tarred,” he said.

He further noted that council cannot tar all roads at the same time, because of obvious budgetary constraints and other equally pressing priorities, such as land delivery, which currently tops the council’s agenda.

“The ultimate objective of council is to have all roads in Ongwediva tarred and, as such, council has taken a conscious decision to tar crucial roads at the town,” he explained.

Muma also appealed to residents to be patient, while the council implements its ongoing programme to maintain and improve roads at the town.

At the same time, council is enhancing the capacity of the water oxidation ponds by rehabilitating the existing pond and completing the new pond that was recently constructed.
The entire project will cost an estimated N$23 million.


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