Iithete highlights importance of paying tax

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Deputy Minister of Finance Natangwe Iithete has once again appealed to all Namibians to fullfil their mandatory duties by continuing to fullfill their tax obligations in order to strengthen the country’s economy.

Iithete made the remarks when he addressed a belated Heroes’ Day commemoration at Okahao Constituency in Omusati Region over the weekend.

Iithete underscored the need to strengthen the economy by meeting government halfway in the fight against poverty and underdevelopment. He said the liberation struggle is over and Namibians now need to defeat the social evils facing the country, among them poverty and unemployment.

“Our heroes and heroines have fought their fight and won. We, however, have the responsibility to Harambee and fight the economic war facing our generation. Let us, therefore, meet our government halfway in this fight for prosperity by fulfilling our taxpaying obligation to the State,”Iithete said.

The deputy finance minister said in order for government to play a developmental role and address the socio-economic challenges facing the country, it requires a contribution from the citizens and private sectors in the form of tax and corporate social responsibility.
He said the income earners and businesses – big and small – need to come forth voluntarily and truthfully contribute their fair share, as required by law. “That’s why I’m emphasising that the more we grow the economy, the more revenue government can collect and the more it can do for its citizens,” he said.

Iithete also pleaded with the people to remain united and organise in the fight against poverty and economic inequality. “We need to remain united and organise ourselves well, so that we’re able to effectively wage this new fight,” he said.

He futher said that the investment in education and training, as well as other ongoing social and economic infrastructure projects, are testimony to the social contract between the government and citizenry.


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