Ohangwena commits to improved road network

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Ohangwena Region continues to make substantial use of structures available for planning to develop rural development programmes and community-based programmes that include the construction and rehabilitation of road networks in the region.

This is according to Ohangwena Governor Usko Nghaamwa, who says the region managed to complete a significant number of projects, which are all critical in improving the quality of life of Ohangwena’s inhabitants.

Among other capital projects in the region is the Eenhana-Oshigambo road, which was recently upgraded to bitumen standard. The 48-kilometre stretch of the road was completed at a cost of N$203.6 million.

Another road upgraded from gravel to bitumen surface is the 98 kilometre road between Omafo, Ongenga and Outapi. The road that connected Ohangwena and Omusati was constructed at the cost of N$852.5 million. It was officially handed over to government in May 2015.

Work to upgrade and rehabilitate Rundu-Elundu-Eenhana Onuno Road, which connects Ohangwena to Kavango West, is also underway. At the moment Phase One of the work on the stretch between Rundu and Eenhana, is completed while the second phase of the road construction project, which runs between Eenhana and Onhuno, is expected to start in the coming financial year.

Government also spent over N$118.2 million on the construction of gravel roads between Onalulago-Epembe and one between Eembaxu and Oshiweda. The two gravel roads are 42 and 32 kilometres long, respectively.

Nghaamwa further said major projects involving the upgrading of roads from gravel to bitumen, are expected to be completed between the 2016/2017 and 2018/2019 financial years.

Such roads include a 20 kilometre by-pass road from Onhuno to Oshikango and a 71 kilometre gravel road between Etomba and Omundaungilo. Work at Onhuno-Endola-Okatana that was initially abandoned by the contactor has also resumed.

Further, Nghaamwa pointed out that the Omungwelume-Oshakati Road is close to completion. The construction of Oshikango-Ohengobe gravel road, as well as the rehabilitation of Onhuno-Eenhana road, are expected to be completed in the next financial year.


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