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Top female artists are teaming up to spread the positive messages of women empowerment, hardships and unity in the music industry.

The artists are doing so by recording an all-female ten-track album to be released before the end of the year. They include Sally, Ann Singer, Promise, Lize Ehlers, Monique English, Star Dust, Chikune and Doris.

This project is the brainchild of two of the best producers, Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) 2016 Best Producer of the Year, Arafat Muhuure, and the head producer of Omalaeti Music, Solani Glo as well as Antonio Djokic Dragan from Done Deal Records and Antonio’s Art. Muhuure says they decided to come together to do something that can change the industry and unity is one of the concerns lacking in the local music scene. “Its not about making money but more on the outcome and what women can do together. Uniting artist is our priority and music is one of the biggest tool to get a message across. We want to share what women are capable of when together,” he says.

He adds that social issues, domestic violence, tribalism, rape, breakups and violence is to be tackled in the collabo album. “We want this album to send out a message of hope, a positive vibe and we hope that the songs will have an impact in the lives of those going through hardships. We want to hear the cry of women, tackle identity and self-acceptance,” he adds inviting anyone who would like to come on board to support the initiative.

Chikune and Ann Singer who were present during the announcement could not hide their excitement, stating that they are ready to take up this challenge.

“We are different artists with different genres and way of writing lyrics, so I can’t wait for the turnout of these songs,” says Ann.
Chikune adds that “it will be a learning experience. This will prove to everyone that we have the same vision and we can’t wait to show what we capable of.”

The album will launch on November 25 accompanied by two videos and possibly followed by a road show next year. If the project is successful this year male performers will be included next year.


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