Robbing Peter to pay Paul


The growing popularity of participating in august sporting events internationally, which ultimately comes with lucrative perks including a variety of other opportunities, appears to have given certain people in powerful positions the false belief of self-entitlement.

Recent accounts differ as to why the Namibian Rugby Union (NRU) resolved to ground the country’s legitimate rugby champions, the University of Namibia (Unam) – denying them their right to compete in the newly introduced South African Provincial Gold Cup.
A BIG YES !!! we all understand that the competition rules do not make provision for the participation of university teams.

But for heaven’s sake!! Unlike in South Africa, Namibia does not have a university league and the men in blue suits at Lichtenstein Strasse need not be reminded about this scenario unless they have taken leave of their senses, seriously.

It is an open secret that Unam deservedly won the coveted league title hands down – only to be left at the mercy of selfish shameless sports administrators.

The fundamental question that needs to be raised is; who decides ultimately what role club management and spectators and followers have in the conduct of the sports they so keenly follow with such passion and endurance? Is it them in the end, the arbiters of what is deemed fit and proper within the sporting realm or should it be left to self-centered administrators?

This sickening form of systematic manipulation must end but until such time affiliates take a stand against such practices, the status quo would remain unchallenged. Remember, the old slogan “an injury to one is an injury to all”, what goes around comes around.

Seriously, it is beyond any comprehension why other clubs are seating arms folded, watching this ugly debacle unfolding right in front of their eyes without raising an eye brow.

To compound matters, NRU still has the audacity to file a request on behalf of their preferred candidates, Wanderers, to be exempted from fielding the required number of four players of colour in their squad.

It is now 26 years, to be precise, since Namibia gained her independence from apartheid South Africa and you seriously want to convince people that some sports entities still need time to introduce, let alone implement transformation programmes in their setups, really?

Dear readers, this potentially damaging dispute has been brought to the attention of the National Sports Commission (NSC) but yours truly has serious reservations the colleagues at General Murtalla Avenue will have the courage to call the self-proclaimed untouchables at NRU to order if need be.

Unam feel aggrieved and rightly so, want justice to prevail!! Murmurs in the corridors of sports circles have it that a significant number of teams are pissed off and want out simply because of the shoddy fashion in which certain teams are getting preferential treatment.

As it stands, a rebel league is mooted and unless this issue is treated with the utmost care and urgency it so dearly deserves, the already fragile immediate future of domestic rugby could be thrown into total disarray. I rest my case.


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