Pig feeds on baby’s corpse at Oshikango

by Loide Jason

Pig feeds on baby’s corpse at Oshikango


A free-ranging pig fending for itself managed to sniff out the corpse of a baby girl that was buried in a shallow grave, from where the omnivorous animal dug up the dumped baby and took it to its sty to feed on the remains.

The gruesome incident was confirmed by the police in Ohangwena Region, as having occurred at Okatwitwi Location at Oshikango on Monday. Horrified residents saw the swine dragging the baby’s remains to its sty.

Spokesperson of Ohangwena regional police Sergeant Abner Itumba confirmed the incident, saying the baby was buried at Okatwitwi Location, close to Oshikango Location.
“It seems the suspect killed the baby and buried her. Then the pig dug it out and carried it to its home,” said Itumba.

He said this is the seventh baby to have been dumped in the region since January. With the help of the public six suspects have been arrested in connection with the previous cases.

He said the first incident this year was reported on January 30, when a woman allegedly killed and buried her baby under her bed at her parents’ homestead.

Ohangwena law enforcers are urging residents to assist in tracing the woman who is alleged to have dumped the baby at Okatwitwi, in the latest baby dumping incident.

He said people from Okatwitwi, Onanida, Odimbo and Okatale should come forth with information of women who were pregnant, but do not have babies. Itumba cautioned people to desist from dumping innocent babies and advised them to rather take the infants to the relevant authorities that can assist.

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    Abortion must be legalised!


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