HT draws from the heart



Having been in the drawing circle for quite sometimes, HT has shown how important it is to be an artist and how passion can drive the youths to their future careers. The 23-year-old, currently studying towards the Bachelor of Economics at the University of Namibia (Unam), says he did not chose to study art because life is like a flipping a coin. “You have to choose one side but it does not always land where you wanted it to, either way you have to learn to accept whatever side it turns,” he says, adding that his love for art has been within him throughout his whole life.

“I started drawing since I was about seven years old, I would always get old magazines and look for pictures I can draw, I never took any art classes, its pure God-given talent,” says HT. He adds that in 2006, he did not know how to balance his time between drawing and his school work and he had to stop drawing.

Although he thought he have lost it all, HT came back to his senses in 2014, when he was surfing random things on the internet and came across a painter called Gustavo Silva Nuñez. A renowned artist based in Valencia, Venezuela, Gustavo, creates incredible lifelike paintings of people swimming in water, making them appear three-dimensional.

“I was amused, his work made me remember that I had this kind of talent before and I just had to try my first drawing. I had a lot of ideas on my first drawing but I made it to be my own picture because drawing something familiar as my face would be easy and best way to get it right,” he says. Although his first drawing did not come out as he thought it would, and it was nowhere close to that of Gustavo’s, that did not stop him to try again. “I strive towards establishing my own art school in the future. I try to focus more on 3D drawings and realism and so far I have been getting great support from friends, family and the community, especially on social media.

People think I photo-shop and print pictures until they actually see it for themselves that it is really pencil that I use,” HT explains.
He is inspired mostly by everything around him, and those that interest him, and also great photography. When he sees any picture that he likes, he always wonders how it would look, if he put it on paper with a pencil. “I draw for friends and family as birthday presents, sometimes I draw celebrities and other random things that are not on pictures in order to show case it to others that follow my social media page and accounts,” he adds.

HT is planning his solo exhibition next year, and says he is just waiting for the financial support from people. To follow his artworks log onto on his Facebook fan page “HT Pencil Drawings” or on Instagram @ht__official or on twitter @THKassie.



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