Blue Waters celebrates 80 years of excellence… The Legacy Lives On


Namibia’s second oldest football club, Blue Waters, aka ‘Omeva’, will celebrate 80 years of excellence, since the club was established in February 1936 in Walvis Bay’s Old Location.

The much-anticipated gathering is aimed at bringing together former players, administrators, supporters and sponsors to relive and celebrate the historical milestone of this great sport club.

An excited chairman of Blue Waters Sport Club, Hafeni Ndemula, spoke to New Era Sport about the plans for the upcoming celebrations to commemorate the 80th anniversary celebrations of the club.

Ndemula says Blue Waters Sport Club is amongst a very few sport clubs in the country with a large support base, accompanied by a rich history of remarkable achievements.


The club started life in 1936, founded by schoolteacher, the late Daniel Shimbambi and has ever since doubtlessly been one of the pillars of the Kuisebmond society, Walvis Bay. It has since become a notable institution serving the local community and preserving its identity.

Ndemula proudly announced that the club will hold its 80th anniversary celebrations on October 1 at Kuisebmond Football Stadium, while a number of other recreational activities have also been lined up at the adjacent Blue Waters Sports Field.

It will be a day of fun and excitement, starting with a street procession at 08h00 from Kuisebmond Fire Station to the club’s football field, whereupon the fun day programme gets underway at 10h00.

“We’ll have many fun activities for the young children and various netball and football matches for the public to enjoy. I would like to invite everyone to join us in the festivities and celebrate with us this special day in the history of the club.”

Omeya will also hosts a gala dinner in the evening of October 1 at 18h00 with a number of high profile guests expected to be in attendance.

The Office of the Presidency has confirmed the attendance of President Dr Hage Geingob and First Lady Monica Geingos. The patron of the club, Ben Amathila, will lead the proceedings on behalf of the entire Blue Waters family.

It was founded by a schoolteacher, the well-known and polished violinist, Daniel Shimbambi, an Angolan national, who almost single-handedly orchestrated the beginning of this great team, which adopted the name ‘Blue Waters’, a brand he spearheaded vigorously and which has stood the test of time.

Since its formation, Blue Waters won major cup finals around the country and attracted some of the finest footballers from all four corners of the country.

Football legends Tobias Akwenye, Jacob Ingo, Joël Amadhila, Adolf Lucas, Johannes Mutilifa, Johannes ‘Tifu’ Nendongo, Elliud Munjere and many others led the team in its infant years. In the intervening years, the squad was strengthened by the arrival of Johannes ‘Shikurumuna’ Amadhila, Gabes ‘Flying Fish’ Mupupa, Tommy Uushona, Oscar Norich, Titus ‘Tite’ Shilongo, Charles Kauraisa and ‘Captain Fantastic’ Daniel Mutilifa.

The team nearly succumbed in the early 1960s, as a significant chunk of its playing personnel teamed up with Namib Woestyn to form Eleven Arrows.

However, Omeya made an amazing comeback when they won a major knockout tourney – dispatching the star-studded Augustineum High School in the final. The surprise victory prompted some of the prodigal sons to make a quicker than unexpected retreat to the Birds’ nest.

The squad was soon strengthened by several new recruits from Augustinuem High School, such as Ringo Nakanuku, Tommy Amukanya Kaimbi, Katsu Petrus, Johannes Kapuii Hangula, Rubby Kamulu, Lukas ‘Ou Chommie’ Hipondoka, Sebby Kambidhi, Shavuka Shipiki, Nehemia Haufiku, Zondi Amadhila, Backie Hidengua, while Pele Blaschke also came on baord from Khomasdal outfit Thistles FC.

In the 1970s the club had assembled possibly the finest crop of footballers in the business, led by agile shot stopper Samuel Bonnetti Nillenge, Bernard da Costa Phillemon, Simon Motwa Mwandingi, Johannes Kapuii ‘The Black Napoleon’ Hangula, Ranga Lucas; Parri Shekupe (captain), Micah ‘Capro’ Ngapurue and many others.

Soon afterwards, the Life Fighters’ striking pair of Kaputji Kuhangua and Immanuel Kamuserandu joined the fray, alongside youngsters Theu Amadhila, Jerry Shikongo, Allu Hummel, Wilson Pinehas, Leo Shimbulu, Neema Lemmy Lazarus, Julius Stephanus, Freddy Bratha, Boy-Boy Ndjadila, Tostao Monde, Kayele Kambombo, Arnold Gawanab, Zalla Nuumbala, Martin Veikko, Lohmeir Angula, Jekonia brothers Moripe and Riva, among other great footballers at the time.

The trend continued with highly-gifted youngsters coming on board in the late 70s, led by Hennie Dawids, Berro Tobias, Phello Muatunga, Moloi Amadhila, Ryder Kambanda, Vincent Herman, Bobby Kurtz, Kalokie Mutirua, Shopi Shekupe, Hiskia Angula, Jomo Nakanene, Erros Martin and Alfa Amutenya.

Blue Waters also supplied the bulk of squad members to the Western Invitational Eleven and the South West Africa (SWA) Bantu Invitational side between the 70s and 80s.

The likes of Titus ‘Oom Tite’ Shilongo, Gabes ‘Flying Fish’ Mupupa, Tommy Uushona, Ranga Lucas, Bonetti Niilenge, Heinrich Horongo Haufiku, Theu Amadhila, Kaputji Kuhanga, Lemmy Lazarus, Riva Jekonia, Eros Martin, Eusobio Kandjai, Koko Muatunga, Britho Shipanga, Ivo de Gouveia, Bazooka Shipanga and lethal blonde striker Donny Rentzke are just some of the players that were selected for invitational teams.

On the netball courts, the club also had the best players in the 1970s, who were classified as the best among the best: Loide Viringa, Queeny Kambongarera, Ndapeua Shidute-Namases, Frieda Johannes, Loide Katti, the Imbili sisters Rebekka and Julia, Esther Tobias, Sara Salomo, Maria Mupupa, Diina Gottlieb, Stuu Thomas, Lempy Thomas, Julia Shitatu, Ruth Tropa, Nangula Shikuyele, Hedwig Kavari, Ndinelao Paulus-Kalomo, Susie Kayele-Gideon and the dangerous Naomi ‘Tandevrou’.

The abovementioned group was later replaced by several newcomers in the early 80s, in the mould of Elly Bamm, Meriam Pinehas, Cornelia Muetudhana, Martha Ouvrou Muatunga, Sara Beukes and Oumama Petrus. With the inevitable formation of the breakaway Namibia Soccer Super League (NSSL) in 1985, the Birds won an amazing four league titles in their 1988, 1996, 2000 and the 2003/2004 campaigns. History shows that Blue Waters is only the second club to have won the coveted league title more than any other team in the domestic football behind Black Africa.

In 1990 when Namibia gained her democracy from South Africa, Omeya supplied two players to the Brave Warriors: fullbacks Dokkies Theodor and Chicken Kasaona. The pair were later joined by mercurial midfielder Sandro de Gouveia, while the Warriors’ very first coach, Zimbabwean national Shepherd Murape also coached Omeya in later years. Another club legend, Eliphas ‘Oupapa Bazooka’ Shipanga, a member of Blue Waters’ technical team, was the first team manager of the national senior football team, the Brave Warriors.

Several former players also served in high profile positions in the country’s football governing bodies: Dan-Boy Ndjadila (Namibia National Soccer League) Charles Kauraisa and Oupapa Shipanga, Pelé Mwatunga (Namibia Football Association) Theo Mutumbulua, Theu Amadhila, Boy-Boy Ndjadila and Elia Hipundjua (Referees’ Association) and Hennie Dawids (acting NFA president and chairman of Namibia Premier League.

As time passed, the club was transformed from Blue Waters FC to Blue Waters Sports Club in 1990 to accommodate other sporting disciplines and the bluc currently supports the following sub-codes: football, netball, cricket and the youth development football academy.

Over the years, Omeya has won several major knockout tourneys, that include Dave Furniture’s Cup (1978), Samwel Thaniseb Cup (1980), Isak Kahatjipara Trophy (1984), Werner Dupene Cup (1987), Eleven Arrows Cup (1987), Windhoek Lager NFA Cup (1994), Metropolitan Super Champ Cup (1995), BP Top 8 Cup (1996), Inaugural NFA Windhoek Lager Christmas Cup (2000), MTC Christmas Cup (2002 & 2003) and FNB Cup (2005).

The club also reached the final of the coveted Mainstay Cup in 1984, only to lose to eternal rivals African Stars through Oscar Mengo’s opportunistic headed goal. Omeya also had little luck in the final of the JPS Cup, losing 4-2 against coastal rivals Eleven Arrows in a live televised match at Kuisebmond Stadium in 1988.

Some of the great personalities linked to Omeya include Ambassador Wilfried Emvula (Namibia’s representative to the United Nations and former club chairman), Mayor of Walvis Bay Alderman Immanuel Wilfred (former member of Blue Waters’ management), Charles Kauraisa (former chairman of Rössing and former Blue Waters’ chairman), Augustinus Katiti, chief executive officer of the Namibia Institute of Pathology (former Blue Waters’ treasurer) businessman Nande Muatunga (Blue Waters’ management) and entrepreneur Knowledge Katti (former Blue Waters’ management).

Ben Amathila (former player and noted photographer and former minister and member of parliament) has been the honorary patron of the club since 1991, with Hafeni Ndemula (regional councillor for Walvis Bay Urban Constituency and incumbent chairperson of Erongo Regional Council) is the incumbent chairman of the club’s executive committee.

The old adage that ‘one man’s death is another man’s bread’ played its hand with Blue Waters benefiting greatly from the folding of the dangerous Portuguese outfit Sparta FC. The trio of Uwe Bachmann, Ivo de Gouveia and Donny Renstke joined the royal blue and white stripped outfit of Kuisebmond from Sparta.

Meanwhile, the executive committee has roped in the services of the ever-articulate King Mandume Muatunga, retired club chairman and former mayor of Walvis Bay, to steer the preparations of the club’s 80th anniversary celebrations. Muatunga also provided key information on the club’s history for this report.

The celebrations will kick off with a ‘Legacy Evening’ on Friday, September 30, a session about the history and legacy of Blue Waters over the last eight decades by various former players, managers and supporters. The exco urges all interested members, supporters and clubs to register for this seminal event by Thursday or latest Friday morning.

As part of the celebrations, family members of the founder member of Blue Waters, the late Daniel Shimbambi, will unveil his tombstone at Swakopmund Old Cemetery, on Saturday morning, October 1.

For additional information King Mandume Muatunga can be reached at 081 344 3716 or



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