Contractors lend helping hand at Amilema

Together we can… From left: Junias Set of Element Consulting Engineers, Arwin Nashikaku, special advisor to Governor Henock Kankoshi (seen with brick in hand) at Amilema School.


The private sector making headway in meeting government halfway in terms of infrastructure development in schools, as the country faces an infrastructure backlog of over 3 000 classrooms.

It was against this background that Element Consulting Engineers together with KL Construction and NamiBetton JV found it fit to invest in the community of Amilema, where they are contracted to construct a gravel road connecting the areas to Omuntele, which stretches some 30 kilometres north of Amilema.

The contractors will construct two additional classrooms and a storeroom at Amilema Combined School, situated some 26km west of Omuthiya. Element Consulting will also furnish the classrooms, while KL Construction and NamiBetton JV will do the construction.
The project is estimated to cost at least N$800 000 and is due for completion by the end of the year.

“We believe that it is only in the spirit of Harambee and through such initiatives, whereby the private sector invests and ploughs back in the community, that Namibia will attain its goals of socio-economic development and realise our much-anticipated Vision 2030,” said Junias Set, resident engineer of DR3683-Ext during the groundbreaking ceremony.

Oshikoto Governor Henock Kankoshi stressed that any investment geared towards education is a vital, because it means the future is in safe hands.

“From these classes all careers start and the country’s professionals will be nurtured through these classrooms… it really shows that the future is indeed in good hands,” said Kankoshi, at the same time cautioning learners not to vandalise the structures once they have been completed and are in use.


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