Motinga and Akwenye join RMB Namibia



RMB Namibia, a division of FNB Namibia Limited and a leading corporate and investment bank, has confirmed the appointment of Daniel Motinga as senior RMB client coverage manager for the public sector and Tuyeni Akwenye as coverage manager.

Motinga holds an MA in Economics from the University of East Anglia, UK, as well as BEcon (Unam) and Hons BCom (Unisa). He said: “Primarily I’m responsible for growing and driving a sustainable relationship with stakeholders in the public sector in support of the Group’s medium- and long-term strategy. I’m certainly looking forward to building mutually beneficial engagements within this portfolio.”

Tuyeni Akwenye holds a Bachelor of Business Science in Actuarial Science, obtained from the University of Cape Town (UCT), Associate level Actuary and CFA Level 3 candidate and joins the RMB Namibia’s coverage team as coverage manager responsible for the financial institutions sector, where his primary role is to deliver the entire capability of corporate and investment banking (CIB) to the client base in the financial institution sector.


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