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Local Disco singer and politician, Joseph ‘Jossie’ Kauandenge, is expected again to make his second appearance on the South African music scene, when he will be sharing the stage with legendary South African Soul singer, Johnny Mokhali in Mahikeng, Northwest Province of South Africa on September 30. Pinehas Nakaziko brings the story from Windhoek

Jossie, who for the last two years has been relatively quiet musically, has released a single with a video. Pinehas Nakaziko links up with him for a close up. With Pandeka, one can really suspect that Jossie may be back to take over. According to him, Pandeka has now become a popular hit song locally as testified by its waves in cars, bars and on radio stations.

Pandeka is a motivational song for people not to give up on their lives but to stick to their dreams. Jossie performed alongside South African renowned singers like Ringo, Sisanda and Ndlanda in South Africa at the annual National Art Festival hosted in Grahamstown in July where he left his footprints with a great performance.

This was the first time for Jossie to perform in South Africa and he describes the platform as a “dream come true”. “Since I was the only Namibian artist invited to perform at that event, the feeling was electrifying because in my entire music career, I have never performed in front of large audience, as there was about 125 000 people who attended the festival.”

“At first I didn’t know how the audience will react to my songs, but immediately when I got on stage the crowd went wild and started dancing to my beats, something that clearly showed me that music is a universal language,” says Jossie.

His opportunity to perform on that platform came when he saw an invitation online and sent his song Pandeka that he had just finished recording to the organisers. “They loved the song and they invited me to perform,” he says.

Jossie says being back in the music after quite sometimes is very good. Although he might not be performing more often as before because of his job and being a politician at the same time, he assures providing his fans with good music.

“I can admit it is very difficult to do music and being a politician at the same time. When I became a councilor of the City of Windhoek in early December, I thought I am done with music, but I realised that ‘once a singer will always be a singer.’

He says Pandeka’s video will soon be seen on local televisions such as the Namibia Broadcasting Cooperation (NBC) and One Africa Television before taking it to Channel O.


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