FNB opens Mondesa branch in Swakopmund


Governor of the Erongo Region, Kleophas Mutjavikua and Sarel van Zyl, CEO of FNB Namibia, opened the new Mondesa branch in Swakomund on August 29.

In his address, Van Zyl advised that the opening of the re-located Mondesa branch emphasises the commitment of FNB’s continued investment in Namibia and reaffirmation that customer service remains a top priority for the bank.

He thanked all customers for their loyal support and pointed out that the face of banking in the world was changing at a rapid pace, thus FNB is proud to be in the forefront of bringing that changing technology to Namibia.

“In order to reduce the cost of banking, we are introducing more and more digital banking solutions, and if we consider the take-up of those solutions, we are pleased to report that the Namibian market at large is ready for this transformation in banking. Very soon, we will be opening our first ‘staffless’ branch here in Swakopmund, where all services, including deposits, withdrawals, transfers etc, will be completely self-serviced.”

“It is FNB’s commitment to bring and expand affordable banking services to the non-banked and under banked areas in our country. It is also recognized that even for those with bank accounts, physical distances to branches or points of financial services adds to transactional costs, thus FNB’s ongoing drive to take one-stop banking to as many Namibians as possible by using technology,” Van Zyl added.

Furthermore, FNB Namibia pledged its commitment to the Harambee Prosperity Plan, and integrated it into their long-term business strategy. “To that effect, we have already pledged N$3 million over the next three years to the Shack Dwellers Association to assist with the building of houses for the bottom end of the market. In addition, we will soon launch a very exciting home loans product aimed at the low to middle segment, and at our last Board meeting, we approved a special fund to enhance the development of SME business in Namibia, something that will soon be taken to market as well,” said Van Zyl.

Tienie Mouton, FNB Erongo Regional Manager in his address said that FNB Namibia, “as a great Namibian business, creating a better world”, saw the need to respond to the people’s call when they asked for an additional branch in the coastal town.

“We ask how we can help you. And our customers answered. The new FNB branch will no doubt beautify and enhance the image of Swakopmund and in particular Mondesa and I trust that our residents will receive fast, efficient and effective customer service from our staff,” said Mouton.

Mutjavikua celebrated the joyous occasion with the bank and thanked them for bringing services closer to the people, thereby ensuring that no one was left behind in the financial house of Swakopmund.

“FNB is also adhering to the Harambee Prosperity Plan, particularly the social progression pillar, by creating employment in the region and for that we say Omake. My call still remains that all banks ensure that their customers are financially literate and that no one is left out of the beneficial financial services in the country and particularly the great Erongo Region,” he said.


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