Boy strangled by own T-shirt

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A three-year-old boy died when he accidentally strangled himself with his own T-shirt while attempting to climb a tree. This incident happened in the full view of other children.

According to the police it is alleged that the boy, who has been identified as Fortune Vilho Nangombe, was left at home with two other children, aged one and two, by their grandmother who went to nearby cuca-shops.

The boy then tried to climb a wild berry tree while his younger company looked on. Sadly his T-shirt got hooked on one of the branches and around his neck and he suffocated through accidental strangulation.

The incident took place on Monday at Iikekele village in Omuntele constituency.

According to Chief Inspector Stephan Nuuyi of the Oshikoto Police Public Relations Division, an inquest docket was opened at Okatope Police Station.


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