‘Swakop Spin City’ pumps up the volume


When the coastal spinning guys celebrate a long week-end, they do it like ‘rock stars’. This past Saturday was no exception, when the recently opened ‘Swakop Spin City’, pumped up the volume, with some 15 entries letting off steam in the best way they know how.
Nearly 1 300 spectators turned up to watch the rip roaring action, as clouds of white smoke from burning tyres, accompanied by screaming engines and daredevil antics got the crowds on their feet,

The turnout of spinners from mostly the coastal towns, entertained young and old with a non-stop show from mid-day to sunset, pushing their driving handling skills to the edge. The fun event also welcomed visiting spinners from Okhandja and Rehoboth who joined in the day.

By far the youngest contestant was 16-year-old Namib High school boy Robert Arendse a.k.a “Boyster”, who started out driving his dad’s car at the age of 14, but since then ‘pappa’ gave him his own gold and black ‘Be-Em’ to play with.

This talented youngster has spent the past two years honing his skills on the Namibian spinning circuit, and because he is such a ‘star’, is being primed by the ‘elders’ to take part in a South African spinning show next year.

His theatrical spinning style, coupled with masterful handling of the vehicle, has set Robert apart from the rest. A trait that was evident on Saturday when he delivered a show stopping performance, even upstaging many of his senior counterparts, as he fearlessly threw his BMW around the spinning pad enveloped in a cloud of tyre smoke and nifty manoeuvres.

The result of hard work and team effort of the club members has certainly paid off, as more petrol heads flock to Swakop Spin City, as it is the only pitch of its kind with a “kitchen”, and designed by the club’s chairperson Chris Van Rooyen.

The facility which opened in March this year, has been described as “the best in the country”, with everything in place for an event to remember, which includes safety marshals, safety barriers, a safety fence, fire hydrants, and a DJ booth.

According to club treasurer Dino Hammerslaght, Saturday’s spinning show was “outrageous”, with no holds barred, and by far the best so far. Hammerslaght who spins under ‘team Spider’, says there are currently around 20 active spinners at the coast, many of which are preparing their vehicles for the ‘King of Spin’ competition being held in Windhoek in October.

The coastal spinning and drifting guys fall under the ‘Drift Spin and Drags Motorclub’(DSD), which is affiliated to the NMSF (Namibian Motorsport Federation. The next Swakop Spin City event which is being held on 17 December, is expected to blow the roof off.

Spinners Boyster


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