Ovaherero Mall needs transformation into a modern market place


Allow me space in your paper to share my concerns and view to the investor and the nation at large. As a youth activist based in the Katutura Central Constituency it should be my obligation to air my views about the poor business structure of Ovaherero Mall. We shouldn’t hide the dirty activities that is existing or being practiced at Ovaherero Mall as nowadays we see school children being the entertainer and daily consumers at the mall.

Ovaherero Mall has become a drinking complex with few kapana and other small business within its compound that is not of a magnitude profit which these entrepreneurs are benefiting from. It is now the right time under the Harambee Prosperity Plan that we should develop the current Ovaherero Mall into a modern market place, with quality structures and proper plan whereby business owners would enjoy the business market with a proper structure. The current situation at Ovaherero Mall will not enable us to fight against poverty because there is no proper wealth being created. Business owners at Ovaherero Mall and the nation at large should now invite investors who can develop the complex into a modern market place just like Khomas Market, Soweto Market, and other markets. The Katutura Central Constituency is one of the constituencies that is under a horrible poverty and we therefore need to work hard to improve our living conditions.

Alcohol and drug abuse shouldn’t be the leading challenge in the constituency, but entrepreneurship should be the leading success in our constituency, we are aware that business land is a challenge in our constituency but that shouldn’t give us the right to overpopulate Ovaherero Mall with wrong activities and uncontrolled shebeens selling alcohol to minors. Our councilor Hon.[Ambrossius] Kandjii is doing his best to bring development to the constituency. Therefore, we need to give him our support in all regards that we can as we know that a mice can’t be picked with one finger. Allow me to congratulate the youth who are entrepreneurs as I always see the street of Clemence Kapuuo doing a great business both to consumers and youthful entrepreneurs.


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