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The youth from Onayena, through the Constituency Youth Forum, have made the war on poverty more personal, and their own fight in an attempt to keep survival and keep looking for resolution for themselves insteady of waiting for the government to find solutions for them.

The youth have so far started some mini projects from selling fats cakes around the area as well as offering children day-care services. One youth member has even started a kindergarden that she wants to turn into a proper school. All these visionary youth want to do something in the community instead of keeping on waiting for the government to bring butter and bread to them. On August 25 the youth held another meeting to share their ideas in an attempt to work out what they can do to better their situation.

Among the attendees was the regional councillor for Onayena constituency Hon. Iiyambo Natangwe Indongo, who encouraged the youth not to give up on their socio-economic struggle, and to seek assistance from this office in case it has ideas on starting up projects or any other good initiative. Hon. Iiyambo also cautioned the youth to be very careful with alcohol abuse and also to keep away from violence, especially against woman. It should be noted that most of the youth in the community are unemployed and they are either Grade 10 or 12 dropouts but this circumstance has never been an obstacle for them to be responsible and role players in the community.

Close to 20 youth have registered for training on poultry through the office of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry in the constituency, so that they will gain necessary skills required to run the youth chicken project, which we are planning to establish in our constituency. The meeting was conducted in an old building that has been used by pensioners for decades to receive their pension fund. Because at the moment there`s no any youth infrastructure in the area. The youth also nominated seven members that will serve at the 2016 youth Expo that will take place at Nehale Secondary School from the 30th -31st December 2016. As usually it will still feature activities such as a sport tournament, business exhibition as well as a beauty pageant.

Martin- Olembe Antindi
Youth leader and community activist


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