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He plans to revisit goals, celebrate the successes in his major subject, and plans to end the school year on a strong note.
John Uirab, a learner from A.I. SteenKamp determines about the last school term which opens today as learners return to school after a week or so of recess. “I am ready for school and can’t wait to go brag about my improvement in mathematics to my classmates. Last term was challenging but I’ve overcome it. I did my homework at all times and my aunt helped me with my homework a lot. Therefore this term I even want to do much better.”

“I am aiming on English, more reading is the way to go and the library is my new dwelling. I’m going to take extra classes at the Maths Tutorial Centre in Windhoek and get all my Grade 11 and 12 booklets. I will be spending less time on social network and rather count the ticks in my books,” says Uirab.

Another learner at Eros Girls Secondary School, Nicole Beukes, says she plans focusing on what went wrong and where she wants to improve. “Last term for me was bad, I wasn’t well prepared and even without seeing my report, I know already I didn’t do well. This term I would like to be more determined and focused. I’m aiming on doing good and I’m going to do this by concentrating more in class and be punctual,” says Beukes.

But some are not ready to start off the last term with good goals and the necessary drive like Hillary Kasupi from the Khomas High School who says the holiday was to short for her to adjust the previous term. “I’m not ready to kick off this semester. I feel like the holiday was too short and I didn’t have more time to get my mindset in the correct direction.”

However since the last semester she was not at her best she hopes to start off with change. “Last term I did much better and doing research is one of my objectives. I’m going to be offline on social media and I hope my friends will understand because I’m changing my dreams and being serious at school is my starting point,” says Kasupi.

Peaches Van Wyk, from Immanuel Shifidi Secondary School says last term was not as good as she expected but will not let failure determine her destiny. “I’m ready for this term and waiting to grind it like a hungry lion. Last term was not as good as I expected. I felt like a loser at the end of the term, especially Maths. I believe success is a result of failure and good preparation and that’s why I’ll strive to succeed or die trying,” says van Wyk.


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