Omusati regional council to reinstate CRO

Suspended... Omusati CRO Protasius Andowa


Chairperson of the Omusati Regional Council Modestus Amutse said he is yet to receive the letter which orders the regional council to reinstate its suspended senior officials.

“I have only heard about it. But we are law-abiding citizens, so we will wait to hear what the letter says and implement it. At the end of the day we are the same government, serving the same interest – service delivery,” said Amutse.

Chief Regional Officer Protasisus Andowa as well as Deputy Director of Finance Elizabeth Mutota were asked to take leave to pave way for investigations of the regional council on issues dating as far back as 2012.

In the letter addressed to Amutse, the Public Service Commission urged the two officers to be reinstated because their suspension was not procedural.

“The regional council is advised to rescind its decision, call them back to work and follow proper procedure, if it still has reason to believe that they are guilty of misconduct,” reads the letter.

The letter – which is signed by the chairperson of the commission, Markus Kampungu – further states that should there be reason to believe that the CRO is guilty, the regional council is still obliged to approach the commission to recommend the suspension before the suspension can be effected.

The letter further states that the action taken by the regional council to put the officers concerned on ‘forced leave’ may expose it to unnecessary litigation, which may have serious adverse financial implications.

The chairperson however denied suspending or putting the two officers on forced leave as reported by the media.
According to Amutse, the two were only requested to take leave to avoid perceived interferences and to ensure the investigation is credible.

“We also just want to be credible to the institution and the people we serve because the two offices that are handling the affairs are being investigated,” said Amutse.

Amutse further denied that council is investigating the two officials in their personal capacities.

“Council is only trying to perfect its operation. We are not trying to punish anyone. We are simply editing our affairs,” said Amutse.
According to Amutse the investigation is still ongoing, but was quick to point out that the process is expected to be finalised in due course.


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