Oshikango to get new open market



Vendors at Okwatwitwi open market are soon to be relocated once the new open market has been completed.
The mayor at Helao Nafidi, Eliaser Nghipangelwa, said the new open market currently under construction is expected to be completed by December.
Nghipangelwa said that currently it is not known how many people will be accommodated at the new market, but the council plans to relocate all vendors at Okatwitwi.
According to the mayor, there was an urgent need to construct a new open market because the current one is unhygienic and overcrowded.
“We want to ensure that our people operate in a safe and clean environment, hence we decided to put up infrastructure that has basic services,” related the mayor.
The mayor said the council would also put up four open markets at Omafo, Engela, Ohangwena and Onhuno to accommodate vendors.
Council is also in the process of servicing residential plots. Council is currently servicing about 800 plots at the town, while an additional 50 plots at Ohangwena and 80 at Engela have been serviced.
According to Nghipangelwa, the plots at Engela will be reserved for low-income groups while those at Omafa will be allocated to middle-income residents and the plots at Ohangwena will be reserved for high-income earners.
The mayor however stressed that council will only allocate plots to individuals who are ready to start with construction.
He said the council previously allocated plots to individuals who over ten years have not developed the plots.
“We have people who have had plots even before 2008, but the plot is just idle and there is nothing we can do because it is their plot,” said Nghipangelwa.


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