Namsov has donated N$7.9 million in Oshikoto since 1995



The Oshikoto region has benefited from a combined total of N$7.9 million from Namsov through its community trust project for the past two decades stemming from its funding in various areas such as health, education, welfare and natural resources, among others.
The total stood at N$7 975 530 disbursed to the region between 1995 and 2015, with natural resources receiving the larger chunk of N$4 075 454 followed by community development which clinched N$3 615 485, then education with N$133 500 followed by welfare at N$106 300 and water projects at N$77 481.
These figures are a combination of monetary and material value provided to the region in the different sectors.
Namsov recently donated medical equipment worth N$50 000 to Ndamono clinic at Onankali village in Onyaanya constituency, as well N$500 000 to the governor’s regional development programme early this year.
During the handover Namsov’s community project coordinator Anna-Mary Molatudi said “as one of the key players in the Namibian private sector, at Namsov we believe that we should complement government’s quest in delivering essential services such as healthcare to all corners of the country. Therefore we committed to sharing what we harvest by involving ourselves in community initiatives and Ndamono clinic is one of those projects that have benefited from such initiatives.”
The equipment includes two examination couches, three standard bed mattresses, a vaccination fridge, a temperature monitoring machine, a heavy duty wheelchair and a mobile stand exam lamp.
“I would like to urge all the stakeholders, more especially those who are going to make use of this equipment, to make sure that they are used for the intended purposes in order to improve the well-being of our Namibian people. Thus store them in a safe place and treat them with care,” said an excited Kankoshi, who added that the idea was the brainchild of Oshikoto region’s Swapo coordinator Armas Amukwiyu.
Meanwhile, David Mulilo from the health ministry offices in Omuthiya urged other corporates to emulate the good gesture shown by Namsov, considering that government is operating under financial constraints, thus cannot undertake all projects at once.


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