New boreholes for drought-hit constituency



Two boreholes will be drilled in the drought-ravaged Oshikoto region’s Nehale Lyampingana constituency at a cost in excess of N$364 000.
This was made possible by the Ministry of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare that responded swiftly to Oshikoto governor Henock Kankoshi’s appeal in which he explained it was one of the areas mostly affected by the recurrent widespread drought.
Nehale Lyampingana is also one of the inaccessible areas in the region, and has saline water which has in the past made it difficult to provide hygienic drinkable water to residents.
Making the announcement on Monday Kankoshi pinned his hopes on finding suitable groundwater which will be fit for human consumption considering the area’s unfavourable terrain.
“We are thankful the ministry has accepted to assist us in this regard – we have been informed that soon the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry will be instructed to carry out the mandate and facilitate the drilling of boreholes. We hope they will find suitable areas with clean drinkable water,” stressed an enthusiastic Kankoshi.
He asserted that this is another milestone in providing services to the needy.


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