World famous Dias Bridge needs restoration



Originally built in 1911 to carry cables and lighthouse staff safely across the tidal river the Dias Bridge later became essential for public access to the Dias Cross National Monument site, a national heritage where Bartholomew Dias, the renowned Portuguese explorer, landed.
Dias was credited with discovering the Cape of Good Hope as well as the trade route to the east for Western Europe at the time.
The wooden bridge was washed away by a very strong wind in 2014, preventing access to the site. A campaign has been set up by the Lüderitz Town Council and the Lüderitzbucht Foundation to fund the replacement of the bridge with a stone structure.
Vice-Chairman of the Dias Bridge Committee Crispin Clay called on !Nami#nus Regional Councillor Jan Scholtz early last week to brief him on the state of affairs.
After the meeting Clay and Scholtz visited the site to physically observe the state of the location and planned site for the new bridge.
Scholtz said the bridge is of critical importance to the Dias Cross Monument as it is the main conduit allowing both locals and visitors especially to view the monument up close.
Scholtz commended Clay for his work and called on more responsibility to be placed on the general community to expedite the restoration of the bridge.


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