Oshana road rehabilitation to cost N$525 million

Building roads… Governor of Oshana Region Clemens Kashuupulwa with the CEO of Roads Authority, Conrad Lutombi, after the governor was briefed on ongoing road construction projects and upgrades in the region.


Roads Authority (RA) has set aside a massive N$525 million to rehabilitate poor quality roads in Oshana, Ohangwena and Oshikoto, as well as the two Kavango Regions.

The programme will start in Oshana Region and will later be rolled out to other regions.

A contractor has already been appointed to reseal the Oshakati-Outapi road at a cost of N$8 million. Another project prioritised in Oshana Region is the rehabilitation of the Oshakati-Okahao road, which will be resealed for N$45 million.

Chief executive officer (CEO) of Roads Authority Conrad Lutombi said the rehabilitation of roads was initiated to improve the lifespan and quality of the roads.

Currently, rehabilitation is ongoing between Oshakati and Oshikuku, where the roads’ lifespan is expected to be increased to at least eight years.

Lutombi disclosed this when he recently paid Governor of Oshana Region Clemens Kashuupulwa a courtesy call to update him on the progress of the roads being upgraded in Oshana. He said the Omungwelume road is expected to be handed over by September, while the Okatana-Endola Onhuno road is expected to be completed by November.

Governor Kashuupulwa said the road is being constructed at a very slow pace. “There are always people on site, but they are just very slow,” he opined.

In turn the CEO maintained that the two roads would be handed over on completion, as scheduled, and said all the setbacks have been ironed out. “We’re making extensive progress at Okatana-Endola-Onhuno road and we’re currently just doing final touches. We have already opened 25 km of the road to traffic,” he explained.

Another road construction project said to be making progress is the gravel road connecting Uukwiyu-Uushona to Omuntele Constituency.

Also in the pipeline, is the construction of the about 4 km dual carriageway between Okatan and Oshakati, which it is hoped will ease traffic congestion on that route.

Currently, RA is busy negotiating compensation for those living nearby who will be affected.
Lutombi said there are also plans to expand the Natis office at Ongwediva, as the current facility cannot handle the pressure. “In future we’re also planning to put up a Testing Centre in Ondangwa,” he said.

RA has also given priority to the construction of roads leading to schools and clinics in the region. Governor Kashuupulwa said he was happy with the ongoing infrastructural developments in the region.


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