Samson’s tenure extended for six months

Advocate Mandi Samson


Air Namibia’s Board of Directors has extended the tenure of Air Namibia’s acting managing director, Advocate Mandi Samson, for a further six months with effect from August 13 to February 12, 2017. She has been at the helm of the airline for the past 12 months.

The extension was revealed in an internal memo sent on Friday and signed by the national airline’s Board chairman, Gerson Tjihenuna.

“The Board wants to utilise this opportunity to convey our gratitude to Advocate Samson for the excellent service rendered over the past year and we trust that the positive contributions made thus far will continue for the extended period.

“We also want to urge the staff members of Air Namibia to render Advocate Samson the required assistance and support to ensure that the operations of the airline continue to flourish,” the memo read.

Samson reached a milestone in the local aviation industry when she marked 12 months as acting managing director of Air Namibia on Friday, August 12.

She was appointed on the same day in 2015 by the Air Namibia Board of Directors under the chairmanship of Tjihenuna.
In addition to many notable achievements under her watch, also on Friday, Air Namibia graduated 23 new cabin crew, who have successfully completed eight weeks of training.

The new intake is comprised of 11 males and 12 females. The new intake has already commenced with full demonstration observation flights on Saturday, August 13.

“You are geared up for a challenging responsibility of maintaining a safe and secure flight while keeping our loyal passengers at ease. Eight weeks of your intensive training have equipped and fully prepared you for an outstanding global career in aviation.

“We have thoroughly prepared you for this, so go ahead and soar high, embrace it with vigour, commitment, dedication and a sense of duty and service. Air Namibia is synonym to excellent service delivery and this is what we expect you to do, as the faces of our national carrier,” Samson said when she congratulated the graduates.

“Your appointment is in line with Air Namibia’s strategy to fully meet and be on par with all its operational compliances, as per our regulator, the Directorate of Civil Aviation,” Samson pointed out.

When she was introduced by the Board chairman to the press in August 2015, Samson spoke off the cuff and said compliance would be at the top of her priorities.

“I need to state Air Namibia’s importance to the economy and its contribution to the Gross Domestic Product. Air Namibia has long been seen as drain on the fiscus. I would like to see a situation where all Namibians can be proud when the flight takes off,” she said.

“This is what we have seen, experienced and observed during her one year with us,” said spokesperson for the national airline Paul Nakawa.


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